Stress and sport.


Regular sport practice is one of the most important protective factors against stress, according to these articles and publications:

  • Remor, Eduardo, Pérez-Llantada Rueda, Ma Carmen. The Relationship between Levels of Physical Activity and the Experience of Stress and Physical Distress Symptoms., Interamerican Journal of Psychology [on line] 2007, 41 (Sin mes) : [Fecha de consulta: 16 de septiembre de 2015] Avalilable on:<> ISSN 0034-9690.
  • Miguel Calvo, Jesús María de, Scheweiger Gallo, Inge, de las Mozas Majano, Óscar, Hernández López José Manuel. Effects of physical exercise on job productivity and well-being. Revista de Psicología del deporte, Vol.20, Núm 2 (2011), p.589-604. Available on:<> ISSN 1988-5636.
  • “Green” exercise quickly “boosts mental health”. BBC News.

Let´s move from theory to practice:

  • The Office of Sports of the University offers a wide range of activities (aerobic, tonification, pilates, cycle indoor, total training, aikido, ninjutsu. Tenis, padel, swimming, skating and BMX Schools, 60+ classroom, etc, etc.) and many other services you can enroll.
  • You can find useful and interesting information on José Miguel del Castillo Molina, (Master Degree in Sport and Exercise Science) webpage: in Spanish).

Interesting links to José Miguel del Castillo Molina webpage (Only in Spanish).

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And remember: Movement is life.

13 December 2016