Emergency Plan

4 December 2014

The emergency plan described in this chapter, and its documents, respond to the Occupational Health and Safety Law, article 20.

 Article 20.-Emergency measures

The employer, taking into account the size and the nature of the activities of the enterprise, and also the possible presence of persons unconnected to it, shall analyse the possible situations of emergency and shall take the necessary measures for first aid, fire-fighting and evacuation of workers, designating for those purposes the workers required to implement such measures and checking periodically, where appropriate, their proper working order. The mentioned personnel must have the necessary training, must be sufficient in number and must have at their disposal adequate equipment in accordance with the circumstances above mentioned.

For the application of the measures taken, the employer shall arrange the necessary contacts with external services, particularly as regards first aid, emergency medical care, rescue work and fire-fighting, in order to guarantee the speed and efficiency of such measures.


The application of the emergency plan responds to the Autoprotection Manual according to RD 393/2007 chapter 6.


         – Autoprotection Manual.

       – Emergency measure manual. (Operative procedure).

       – University emergency phone number.

       – Emergency response team on Campus.

       – Emergency plan summary

       – Updating procedure.

      – Emergency situations in special events.